Monday, December 18, 2006

Remembering The Poet

When I Was in college I used to write a lot of poems. 3-4 Years of Work Life and Poet in me was somewhat left behind in time . I called him Back yesterday Eve and Together both of us come up with this.


You Are My Sun

Because my world revolve around you
You Are My Moon
Because I think about you all night and stay awake
You Are My Star
Because My eyes Twinkle whenever I think about you

You Are My Sky
Because I am never able to reach you

You Are My Wardrobe
Because you know all shades of my persona

You Are My Washerman
Because you wash all my cares away

You Are My Policeman
Because you keep a Watch on me ;-)

You Are My Electricity
Because you never fail to shock me

You Are My Supermarket
Because You always have Everything i want

You Are My Neighborhood Panwalla
Because you give me even when I offer you nothing in exchange

You Are My Internet Connectivity
Because I connect to my self through you

You Are My Bank
Because I have deposited my everything with you

You Are My Stock Portfolio
Because I expect a lot of ROI From you

You Are My Pastry
Because I can have you Even after an Eight course gourmet meal ;-)

You Are My ENO
Because i know that the very moment u will come all turbulence will be Gone :-)

Now Never Think that you mean nothing to me ..Ok ?

For The reders of my blog : :

  • No I can't tell you who is She , At least Not yet :-)
  • Now you know what kind of a poet i was :P .Well I used to write some serious stuff also but that never attracted any applause or audience .

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Prayer !!!

Dear God

I have never been a very releigious person in my life . but today i find myself helpless against something .

Someone i Love and carefor is in need of your attention and Blessings . Please Grant then their wish . They Deserve it . Please .

[ If you read this , please take a moment to say a little prayer . I heard It works ]



P.S : Image Courtesy Musicorso