Saturday, May 27, 2006

Larry Page Video

Came Across this Video clip of Larry Page , giving tips to aspiring enterprenuers . it gives a glimpse of how much measurment centric this guy is .Cool .
worthy watch .

click here to see it

Have a Great weekend !!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wow !! Flickr Goes Gamma

Holy God !!

Just when i thought Flickr is the perfect photo sharing site on the web they got even better .Now they are more addictive and  deadly . From Beta they have gone Gamma :-)  . In Gamma version of their  service  they have added a lot of new features.Like activity history and connection status  .

Long standing problem of not being able to track who has commented to which photo and who has replied to my comment is solved . 'Flickr is  more useful and intuitive than ever before

Good Job !! I Love Flickr !!

Google Trends : A Glimpse of The "Database Of Intentions"

Sometime back  google launched a new service called Google Trends  .  With this service you can choose any topic or keyword  and google will tell you  how many times and by which geographical area  a search  is being done on it . Now  you can see the graphical distribution of search magnitude over time line .You can also see tabular  representation of search  in terms of geographical  distribution .

its a funny and addictive service  i tried to find out search frequency for Sania Mirza. compared search frequency of Nokia ,Motorola,Sony .

Bill Gates  & Larry Page and a Lot more .Mostly nasty one  . It was very informative . Specially when you look at   the part of the world from which the query is being done ?

Want to know sex is searched more at UAE or USA ? well  go find out find out :-)

Alright it is a cool application . But implication of this service is far reaching than just people like me doing it just for hack & fun  of it . We know that google keep a record of every search being done  through its site . you can track it right up to the IP address from which the search is done .

I n his book "The Search"  ,  John Battelle   (Co Founder of Wired  )" call this Log of search as "Database of Intentions" . Every google user  fear the day when what he search for is known to the world . whether we admit it to our self or not  but we are practically naked in front of Google. With Google Trends this database of intention is open ,Although at a very very coarse granularity level .

You can't  find what your Friends are searching for, But you can find out what an average person in UAE or US Or UK or India  is searching for . This can be  an explosive tool to study whats going inside a society , whats cooking and whats is being bottled up where . With this  raw , unedited and first hand info about citizen's  preference in a given geography  our precept ion of a country and their culture may change drastically . for the first time  Its not a Ministry  of tourism or Foreign affairs telling us about the country . Its the summation of action and intentions of their citizen . isn't that a real disruptive piece of info .

Kudos to Google Team for this breakthrough  . Their  mission was to organize worlds information . with Google Trends they are one step closer to providing  Actual  information to world . Still there are something which is scary , can this be treated as a factual data for forming opinion about a country (Eventually it will , some folks are quoting it already) .

Coming months will be interesting in this respect . I am keeping my fingers crossed

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

SPHERE : A New Blog Search Engine

Prayers are answered ,Well at least sometime !!

Yesterday only  i was having an IM Chat with my friend Mukul about the lack of a decent Blog search engine.We discussed  why Google Page Rank is not a suitable way to sort result while searching  blogs . We both agreed that world desperately need a Google of  Blog sphere .

Surprise !! Today  i stumbled upon SPHERE. its a new Blog search engine launched by Scott Kurnit , Founder of .

Tired of all other options, i decided to gave it a shot . i punched in my Fave keywords to test its accuracy .

i tried "Mobile Web Application","entrepreneurship" ,India,web 2.0,sling box,Paul Graham , Funambol,start up, telco ,revenue model in web start up etc.

i have done google & Technorati search for these keyword so many times that i know most of the result in first 02 pages .  

 surprisingly sphere threw up some very very interesting, relevant results. although there is a significant overlap in the results still i am impressed by the accuracy and relevance of SPHERE.
its worth the trouble of doing a search in 3 sites.  
one reason of this freshness and relevance of the result might be that Page Rank has been around for long enough time that people have learned to manipulate it to some extent . entire cartel of SEO has evolved around this .

So main challenge for Sphere will be to maintain the sanity of there search algorithms  and always be one up with SEO Crowd . Every body in SEO world  is busy tinkering with google but the moment Sphere will get a large enough Fan Following (Which It will Get eventually ) SEO's will focus on it . it will be interesting to see how Sphere team deal with this .
Still my Exp Today is Great . Hats off to the Team . Good Job  Scott !! Congrats .