Friday, April 21, 2006

Going TO BarCamp Bangalore

BarCamp Bangalore is only a day away . i am all very excited to be there .response to barcamp here  is phenomenal ,around 200 folks have registered at the wiki . action on barcamp Bangalore mailing list is something i never seen before on nay group . looks like it will be a great day .

if you are in Bangalore than  don't miss it for world .

see you folks



Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google Calendar


Blogsphere is abuzz with the rumor of the launch of Google Calendar tonight. Its said to be an Ajax based application to manage and share  Your Events, schedule and Contacts etc. some screen shots are available here. After Writely this is another Frontal attack from Google to Microsoft's Dominance in Office Productivity application.

This bring us to two key point to watch for 

  1. ) With Calendar Google Will be Entering in to the phase of putting the Active Data /Business Data of users on their server. I am looking forward to see that How Comfortable an Average Biz user is with the idea of the Enterprise Data on Hosted Server? In my view, given the strength of their brand, doing this should be easy for Google,

  2. If Google is able to pull a good act out of calendar thing it will be natural to move in to the project management and scheduling. so will Google  try to invade the domain of 37signals. I think Google will probably bid for it. This will be an interesting play to watch 

I am keeping my fingers crossed .