Sunday, February 14, 2010

Randall Munroe

As most of my friends know that I am a HUGE fan of XKCD comics . I can identify with many of the situation dipicted  in it . Its book marked on my Nokia E63 browser so that I can kickstart my day with a dose of Its special Geeky humor. But much as i love the comic I never really goggled for the man behind it .  so today evening with nothing to do and with no date for  Valentine Day  ( Life is a bitch !!!)  I started reading XKCD archives  and casually googled for the guy . So his name is Randall Munroe , an interesting guy indeed . I stumbled upon his talk at Googleplex . It s a funny discussion for XKCD Fans . you should watch it . video is embedded below .

this talk is spontaneous with some really light moment sprinkled throughout . I was surprise to see that even     Donald Knuth , legendary computer scientist and aothor of most authentic book on algorithm is also an XKCD Fan . He was there at talk .Knuth was one aweinspiring figure for me in my college days . Knuth's book gave me a hard time in college. whenever I opened it  I felt like shit . I will read it ( and understand it too ) one day sooon . Its a personal goal I had set for me long back.It was kinda good to see that Knuth had a sense of humor . So enjoy the video . and if you are uninitiated in XKCD than here are few of my fave scripts from it. Best of XKCD  . Enjoy !!

After Peter Thiel , Aaron Swartz , Kara Swisher , Sean Parker ,V.S.Ramachandran, and  William Deresiewicz ,  Randall Munroe is also on my list of  people to meet whenever i visit US.Amen!!