Friday, January 14, 2005

Delhi Vs Banglore: A Tale of Two Cities

Now its been almost two months since I have been in The “silicon valley of India “ . On my first visit I was enthralled to visit the city which was hailed as the Mecca of software in India, but guess what?? The city was nothing as I expected. But shock was a pleasant one ,specially after two years of hard time at Delhi .Life (initially) was cool and city was nice to me. After spending close to two months here and after interacting with lot many people who are the part of action of city when I look back and compare the life in Delhi and banglore I find myself in a CATCH-22. So I jot down my experience. I may ruffle a few feathers but here are my versions of a comparative study between two cities I hope you will find it correct ,useful and entertaining

Delhi Vs Banglore w.r.t: Weather Wine Women

Weather: Well Talking of weather it’s a no brainier. Thumps up for the city of banglore weather here is really cool, so much so that even in winter you can roam around in night in a half sleeve shirts. Thanks to the weather, females in banglore can afford to show a lot of skin which otherwise be buried under the tons of clothing in this season. I was surprised to see the innovative, daring and inviting ways of female dressing there. Low rise jeans V-Neck Tees and deep cuts here and there but follow the cuts with your eyes and the trail finishes the moment You think that the Truth and the Holy Grail is Just a inch below. it was like watching the trailer of SWADESH trailer is so interesting that you will dye to see the whole movie . But thanks to m workload I can neither see Swadesh nor complete my quest for the Holy Grail, which was JUST a inch below the cut. Still it was a visual treat and I had a good lot of this treat.

Wine: now I want to make it clear at the outset that I am not a heavy drinker and only take beer as the source of alcohol. But drinking in Banglore is an Experience of lifetime and people here seems to spend there life time in drinking. I have even seen guys in my hotel who take Beer and Tequila shots on Breakfast Table. They seems to follow the golden rule of drinking that “THE BEST WAY TO AVOID THE HANGOVER IS TO KEEP DRINKING “ Unlike Delhi where you have to drink the holy water in SHABBY “AHHATAA” provided by government, in banglore you can have beer just about everywhere “ JHIDHAR NAZAR GAYEE UDHAR SUROOR HEE SUROOR HAI , MERA DIL MACHAL GAYA TOU MERA KYA KUSOOR HAI “ . Female too are equally participating in this Smoking is In Thing here and I have observed that girls sucks the cigarette so hard as if sucking cigarette is precursor to sucking something else.

Women: Now women in Banglore are the most interesting aspect of the city. In just two month I came across three instants of Live in relationships. For beginners in “live-in “relationship” you live with the female without getting married. In more unpolished way of explaining you can say “You Can Get Fresh Milk Without Tying A Cow”. I frequently visited a café named Java City it played jazz music and oldies from Elvis and other. It was great .I was told that café is famous for the incidents of One nightstands on tool free basis. But even after 6-7 visits nobody zeroed in onto me, but something was really going on there. Well better luck next time. But Jokes apart I find female in the city more independent, pragmatic and modest with comparison to Delhi. Best part of The females here was that unlike Delhi they were not any Call Center working mindless ostentatious punk, talking in some suede American accent, Here girls can talk and they can talk intelligently. Some of the female I talked with were more beautiful between the ears than between the legs. But either way they were inaccessible to me, again courtesy my workload. Better Luck Next Time Here too.

That was a small analysis on the basis of WWW soon I will post another analysis on Carrier Compensation n Community (CCC) in banglore.

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Anonymous said...

good stuff . like beauty sex also lies in the eyes of beholder that's why you can see so many things in banglore which i can't c even after living here for past 3 yrs .

but it was a good read i will keep coming back and you keep thinking who i am ?? :-)