Saturday, March 04, 2006

Notes From The BarCamp

i had a Great Day @ BarCampDelhi . I attended  some great presentation and brainstorming  session on everything which is web 2.0 . there was talks about     " Ruby On Rails" ,Ajax ,Structured Blogging, Adword , Bootstrapping a Software start up , Testing  web application  ,Mobile Web Application , Knowledge Management .  i did a session on "Web 2.0 & Power Of Default "  looking at the Queries i received i can safely say that  the  presentation went ok . 
Right now i am sitting in perhaps the 13 th  or 15 presentation of the day and surprisingly  i am not tired .  Truly speaking i am just listeinign to the talks which is being delivered by the  speakers here . i think it will take me another week or two to properly digest the learning i had today .
As i sit here i realize that there are enough people here who wants to share . they want to share the knowledge ,experience,stories and compare notes . the free flowing format of the  conference is a great enabler . atmosphere is conducive to idea . More than anything  this BarCamp Today has cemented my desire to launch my venture someday .   i found a lot of aspiring , established and "one time " entrepreneurs and Some VCs and some Technical reporters  for old media :-)
People always tell me that entrepreneurship is a lonely journey . you are on your own till you be some body and than there is always  lonely at the TOP
Events like BarCamp allows a Peer Meeting  of Entrepreneurs . look forward to next BarCamp
will post the snaps and other details  of BarCamp  soon !!
 till then take care
Long Live Entrepreneurship



Manik said...

hey Prashant,

If you want more taste of the Entrepreneurial community, join the Delhi chapter of TiE. BarCamp was kind of techy, TiE is pure entrepreneurship.

Jonathan Boutelle said...

You go Prashant!

Can't wait to see what your new venture is.

And yeah, what Manik said. Get a TIE membership now, start building the relationships that you'll need in a year.

Manu Sharma said...

Hi Prashant, it was a great experience indeed. I enjoyed your talk too. Even blogged about it. :)

Sunil said...

hi prashant,

missed your ppt. I was in the other session. It would be interesting to know about the power of "default". Perhaps you can upload it to the barcamp wiki ?


nitin_gangahar said...

Hi Prashant!
Nice read. BITS, Pilani is organising BarCamp, Pilani. Please have a look here :