Friday, April 21, 2006

Going TO BarCamp Bangalore

BarCamp Bangalore is only a day away . i am all very excited to be there .response to barcamp here  is phenomenal ,around 200 folks have registered at the wiki . action on barcamp Bangalore mailing list is something i never seen before on nay group . looks like it will be a great day .

if you are in Bangalore than  don't miss it for world .

see you folks




Anonymous said...

hi prashant,

Well I am surprised that u didn’t put anything about your Bangalore bar camp trip. Busy some where or lost the charm?


well i was a bit busy . just changed my job recently so taking time to settle , that's the reason there are very very few posting these days .

There is so much i want to blog about but time constraint :-(

Lost the charm ?? No Not one bit i like BarCamp ,Web & entrepreneurship so no chance of loosing the enthusiasm .

But i did needed a kick in my A#@ for being a bit lethargic . thanks for doing it . be back soon i will update my blog :-)

and finally i am curious to know who you are ??