Tuesday, May 02, 2006

SPHERE : A New Blog Search Engine

Prayers are answered ,Well at least sometime !!

Yesterday only  i was having an IM Chat with my friend Mukul about the lack of a decent Blog search engine.We discussed  why Google Page Rank is not a suitable way to sort result while searching  blogs . We both agreed that world desperately need a Google of  Blog sphere .

Surprise !! Today  i stumbled upon SPHERE. its a new Blog search engine launched by Scott Kurnit , Founder of About.com .

Tired of all other options, i decided to gave it a shot . i punched in my Fave keywords to test its accuracy .

i tried "Mobile Web Application","entrepreneurship" ,India,web 2.0,sling box,Paul Graham , Funambol,start up, telco ,revenue model in web start up etc.

i have done google & Technorati search for these keyword so many times that i know most of the result in first 02 pages .  

 surprisingly sphere threw up some very very interesting, relevant results. although there is a significant overlap in the results still i am impressed by the accuracy and relevance of SPHERE.
its worth the trouble of doing a search in 3 sites.  
one reason of this freshness and relevance of the result might be that Page Rank has been around for long enough time that people have learned to manipulate it to some extent . entire cartel of SEO has evolved around this .

So main challenge for Sphere will be to maintain the sanity of there search algorithms  and always be one up with SEO Crowd . Every body in SEO world  is busy tinkering with google but the moment Sphere will get a large enough Fan Following (Which It will Get eventually ) SEO's will focus on it . it will be interesting to see how Sphere team deal with this .
Still my Exp Today is Great . Hats off to the Team . Good Job  Scott !! Congrats .



Anonymous said...

Imagination is reality some where. The thing that matter most is how many know about that.
Keep searching………


Imagination is reality only in the realm of mind , your own mind . the process of bringing it out in real world is called creation .In context of creation of wealth by trading its called Entrepreneurship .

Well that was a little cryptic . who are you ? not Scott Kurnit i guess :-)
Anyway thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment

Anonymous said...

i know u form school BUT im not telling you who i am
to make google searches smaller type in da key word(s)
then hit - then type in what you don't want to see
for instance... dogs -german shepard... or for U
School -Manisha......HA HA HA HEH HEH HEH


We are schoolmates ?? oh thats great . can't wait to learn who are you ? and how you stumbeled on my blog

thanks for the tip about refining google search . your comment is still very cryptic.I Googled "Schoool- Manisha" but it got me no where .you better show the cards and reveal your identity

Good luck

macmohan said...

Your article is good and geniune. Web is all about building links to your site. Keep the goodwork.


now what was that ?? kind of "You Scratch My Back I scratch Yours " type of invitation . Thanks but No thanks .
I don't write to invite comment or for getting links i wirte because i love doing it .
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