Monday, May 21, 2007

Anshul Samar : 13 Year OLD CEO of Elemento

Venturebeat has a post about Anshul Samar ,13 year old CEO of Elemento . a silicon valley startup in educational games . this young prodigy was at TieCon to raise fund for his venture . he has developed a card game to teach chemistry . look at this video and notice his confidence when he says “We inject fun into education,”. i feel good to see him . i am sure you will too.

Good Luck Anshul ,


crazypank said...

NICE. thax !!!

Mayank said...

Nice.. This kid's got some tempo..

J P said...

don't post such videos man! I'm already depressed :-(

Zaid Farooqui said...

Hey Prashant,

I love your insights into the mobile world, especially in the Indian context.

I couldn't find your email address anywhere on your blog. If you can drop me a line at zaid at ijigg dot com I'd like to continue our conversation.


Anonymous said...

Great initiative but did you do a search for trademarks? ElementO is a registered trademark of Lewis Educational Games in Goddard, KS. Change your game's name, kid. And use Google next time.