Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Interesting Podcast

Internet is a good source of information and helps you to keep yourself upto date with latest development in your field . but with so many News site,blogsites and commentery going on its sometime tough to find relevant content . i love reading about Indian startups , Indian Entrepreneurs and latest tech events. but its very hard to find good coverage for such news .

Webyantra is the only blog i know which do a good coverage of indian startups . i wanted to read more . Today was my lucky day in that sense . while going through my email today . i saw a message from Ashish Sinha , it was not posted to me but on an email list which we both subscribe to . Ashish is a Product Manager at Yahoo & a blogger ,Podcaster too . he blogs at

pluGGd in covers startup specially India centric startup from Internet ,Mobile and other Hi Tech fields . I like the content on his site . learned about a few new companies . it was refreshing to read .

I especially liked a Podcast with Anand Morzaria , founder of Pennywise solutions, the company behind tolmolbol. Tolmolbol is a site dealing with city search and community around local business . so you can find out what your neighbourhood folks think about New bar or Bakery recently opend in your colony's shopping complex . they have got a very catchy tag line ."your friendly neighbourhood web guide."

Both Ashish and Anand were very candid . its refreshingly honest talk . you can read the post here and Listen to Podcast here .

if you are an aspiring enterprenuer you should must listen to this podcast . take my word its worthy of your time . Congrats to Ashish for good conversation .


Anonymous said...

Interesting Post

Anand Morzaria said...

Hey Prashant,

really glad that you enjoyed the conversation.

I am amazed at the simplicty of the language you use in penning your thoughts on this blog. Just loved the post on parents and teachers. Keep writing...


Sameer said...

There "was" yet another called and the reason I say "was" is because I didn't see many updates lately.