Friday, November 21, 2008

ThE Matrix Spoof

I am a Matrix Fanboy . "The Matrix" is more than a movie for me . its a cult . I don't know if the story is real or not but its not a out and out fiction also . It might be highly improbable but I hate the skeptics who dismisss it label it as impossible . someday I will write a full post on Matrix and phylosophy behined it . 

But today I want to share this funny video of Matrix Spoof done by genius folks at College Humour .This video depicts a scenario of Matrix running on Windows XP . Its funny like hell . Make sure that you stay tuned till the last frame where Neo says " Uh-bun-tu" . 

Enjoy .

for a serious scintifc treatment of theory of Matrix and some good reading on  possbility of Matrix bening real .Please refer to  Simulation Argument website .

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