Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Papa, He Loves Mama


I'd give all wealth that years have piled,
The slow result of Life's decay,
To be once more a little child
For one bright summer day.
~Lewis Carroll, "Solitude"

Sometime , somethings happen and you wonder is just co incedence or causality at work. for past 2-3 years I was looking for a song called "Papa , He loves Mama" . I heard it for the first time in college days . My friend Apporv Pandit had it on a Good Old Audio Tape . The childlike voice in the song is simply spellbounding . Back than  mp3 and stuff was not mainstream . so i borrowed the Audio cassette from my friend  and copied it . and as it often happen with the things you like most  .. I lost it on my way home .  

I never found any other copy in any goddamn music stores in country.Every now and than I checked  every torrent and music sitehoping if someone has uploaded the song there . but result ? No, Zilch ! NADA! . I gave up around  a year or so back . I was happy humming it ..If you know me in real life you might have found me humming it often . so what does all this got to do with co incedence and causality ? 

Well I was refreshing  my feed reader and saw this  post on childhood Memories by Arunima . I am kinda sucker for all things realted to childhood .  so i read it and for one more time i thot of the song . but for some strange reason this time i checked on YouTube ...and Bingo !!! there it was . someone has recently posted it on YouTube .  Reading the comment I found that few more folks were also looking for the same . you can see the  You Tube page  here  . I have embbeded the video above too . 

So here it is folks . One of my Fave song for you to enjoy . Have Fun.  It's a very cute song .Thanks Yeuhgh for uploading the song . Thanks Apporv for introducing it and Thanks Arunima for writing the post which made me search it today . You Guys   Rock!!


the who said...

Guess that is what serendipity is.
Even we were taught that song in our childhood and though i had never heard the original, i remember singing it for my parents on their anniversary when i was a kid (Yeah, those were the times you'd actually wear your heart on your sleeves and not be skeptical about such things)
I am hoping that soon this unfathomable problem of not being able to play you-tube video resolves itself and i can hear the much coveted original version.

Keshi said...

beautiful indeedz!


Shikha said...

Indeed a really cute song. I loved the voice of a very small kid, which comes almost at the end of the song.
Have heard the bollywood version from an old movie, based on this song. But this is the best!! :)