Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Groundhog Day @ Work

Today I wake up to a dull morning. I wake up at 7:30 in but stayed in bed till 8:30. When maid arrived I have to drag myself out of bed. Sipped a cup of hot tea .I went through the drill of daily routine and rushed my way to work. I was not looking forward to going to office I kind of pushed myself toward it cause I didn't wanted to stay home either.

Today was not different from any other day in past few months. Life has reduced to this daily grind of home -office-client-home. I am working on a project, which is all ready behind schedule, but nobody cares as we have raced the money. Yesterday I meet a guy with whom I was planning an implementation rollout since past few months and he informed me that he would be leaving the company soon. He asked me to do a document for the purpose of "Knowledge Transfer" to new guy who will be replacing him next week.  I came to know he had resigned around the same time since we started this whole exercise of chalking out the rollout plan, defining the milestones & all that crap. Now I am supposed to do the fucking "Knowledge Transfer" to a guy I hardly know. But guess what?  I am neither sad nor angry. I have kind of accepted it as a sort of fate in modern day work order.

Sometime I feel life has reduced to this clockwork. I am only 27 if I assume avgas age of 60 I still have 33 long years of this drill. Ever heard of a movie called "Ground Hog Day " where Tom Hanks goes through the same day of his life again & again. Well I think I am also having a Ground hog day but I am not Tom Hanks neither I have Andy Mc Dowel around me.

Some time in reflective mood I wonder if that was the reason for which we are put on earth. I don't fancy my self as super hero or some thing who is there to save or change the world. I don't compete with the Gandhi, Hitler or Laden of world. But still I believe that I am here to make a small dent in world. But only dent I seems to be able to make is in my chin, when I smile  & I don't smile much unless I guzzle a beer can.

There has been a lot of noise lately in newspapers about the high attrition rate in Indian IT firms. People change their jobs more frequently and nobody knows why. Than they blame it on money. I don't think that explain it pal change jobs because change is the only kick they have in there life. Hard core process driven mindset has sucked joy out of IT firm.

Ever poured beer in glass? Well when you do that for initial 2-3 minutes it full of bubbles, it over flows than it settles down. Work is also like that only initial few months are full of excitement after that its like drink a warm beer with out bubble without fun. No body likes to drink a warm beer and eventually every beer became warm so the idea is to pour more often. Well isn't that make sense

So I concluded  that this is the time this beer has became warm. I should log on to and see the new beer in stores. But guess what they have blocked this site in our network and I am too lays to go to cyber cafĂ© after work.


Tell me what to do? Wait for this beer to boil.

Live through the groundhog day and wait for my Andy McDowell


Prashant Singh

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lady said...

nobody made a dent in the world by accepting things the way they are.