Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hello Delhi !! I am Back

So After Two days of Rock Climbing In Shimla & Himachal , i am back in Delhi . Trip was Damn good . for someone who is living in Gurgaon for past 3 years it was much needed to see nature at its best . high mountains ,greenery and you know view was breathtaking .

do you know how it feels to drive sumo at 4:30 in morning on a Fog clad mountain and see sun rising gradually through valley . I tell you it feels great . it was worth the trouble of waking up and taking a bath 4'o' clock in Morning . i feel a little bit more energised now to go through the clockwork of Delhi life for some time .

I think once in a while we should escape from this hustle bustle and be one with the nature . i wanted to share the photograph but right now . but forget to bring my Camera with me . you will have to wait for that . maybe in next posting tomorrow .

after this much needed break i can say "Hello ! Delhi I am back " . I will tell you details of trip soon . need to go back to work



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