Saturday, December 10, 2005

Feed Reader In Gmail

Google is  now offering web based RSS /ATOM  feed integrator  bundelled with Gmail .  I can see a though time ahead for companies like . sometime back there was a rumor that Microsoft  is going to offer desktop based feed reader with Vistas and currently a crack team of Microsoft is sniffing web for possible targets . newsgator was surely one hot prospects .

i am wondering was it true . i am using web based newsgator for past sometime  i expected that any company looking to gain a footstep  in this sector will acquire it but they missed newsgator . perhaps they developed something inhouse .

what does it means for aspiring  Entrepreneurs  ? is era of your start up being acquired is over ?
i don't think so Google is in talk with riya ?

for companies like google  only thing that matter is the technology and  how good it integrate with there system . they will not go wacko  like MS did in buying  hotmail . No irrational exuberance this time .

watch out  your time start now


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