Thursday, December 29, 2005

Looking Back At 2005

First of All I would like to thank all of you for your response to my previous post . it was really encouraging to see that my blog is being checked regularly by so many people . I recvd at least 20 emails from friends and friend's friends who checked the last posting and liked it . Thanks a Ton ! Keep Coming back .

Now  as  the year end is approaching I think its time for some serious bookkeeping . During this time of year  Most celebrity blogger posts their  prediction for the upcoming year . I will save that for my next post for  now let me recollect what all happened in 2005

To begin with 2005 was an eventful year for me . both on professional as well as personal fronts . so I decide to list them here . some of the news are global & you might have read them in news paper and some are very personal and nobody know about them . all are equally important for me .So here we go ..

  • 2005 started with me loosing a chance to sell SkillPoint at Texas Instrument's Bangalore operations . It was a real set back as that deal could have given  us a solid reference base in bangalore corporate market .But I think I pretty well make up for that . now we have Big companies like  Idea Cellular ,Xansa  and couple of other US Based Staffing firms as our  client .
  • After much of delay I launched my blog . only to discover that world is too busy to read my crap . but slowly and steadily people begin to visit it regularly . having the blog URL in my Gmail signature helped .
  • Much awaited Google IPO and a spur of activity in Internet market . Euphoria like Dotcom Days .
  • Nishant was blessed with a baby girl and I am still not able to visit him and see the baby . Sorry Nishant !
  • Some people from my College Gang  decided to take the "Red Pill" (they joined Microsoft ) and moved out from Delhi. So I am left with very few folks of mine in Delhi . This year it was  little more lonelier here.
  • This year I took my first Flight .It was SpiceJet Flight from Delhi to Pune . Being in Air did excited me but over all experience of Air Travel was very disappointing .I prefer traveling by Indian Railway :AC Second Class  . It has more leg room .
  • I lost my Grandfather this year . my first encounter with the death of a family member  . living it once was bad enough so I will not even mention it here in details  .
  • We got our first client in Hyderabad , Chennai ,Pune and USA .I meet with K P Pandyarajan of MaFoi . A really dynamic person .
  • My brother Vikrant Became a Sr.Software Engg at Quark and visited USA . as per his word "America Bahut Achee Jagah Hai , Wahan Log aate Jaate aapko Greet Karte hain" (USA is a cool place . people (read Girls )  greet you Good morning even if you don't know them) .
  • Discovered Paul Graham  and his writing on net  . the guy is a genius .
  • One of my college time buddy who used to look like a good partner in my crusade of living as a  confirmed bachelor  was floored . He is happily engaged and a bit too busy to call .
  • Visited SHIMLA  a  really very very beautiful place .


  • Somebody in  Microsoft  did a great job of  integrating linux with windows  so much so that his "Mahual" conquered  Himalya and River rafted in Ganga . Congratus !



  • Mating season started  EBAY  bought Skype (no body knows why  ?)  , Yahoo baught ,Google bids for riya  .


  • Somebody very close to me reminded that being in a better College/Job/Company require to shed excess baggage of past . that special person taught me that I am still very very disposable . Thanks ,Lesson learned .

  • Rohan ,Vivek  got Engaged .
  • I learned how to cook chapatti it was easier than I expected.
I Can't remember  anything else of much significance .wait for my Predictions for Year 2006 .

Wishing all of you  a very Happy New Year

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