Thursday, January 12, 2006

01 Jan 2006 : A Photo Essay

Come on ! Quick on this one . What you were doing on Jan 01,2006 ? or for that matter what you were doing on Jan 01,2005 .

As far as i can remember almost every time in past 9 -10 years i started my new year with a Hang over from new year eve parties .So this time i decided to try something else .

This year i was out of Delhi . i was with my parents in "Bari Sadari" a small village near UDAIPUR where my dad is currently posted .There was no party on 31st of Dec and I slept early at around 11 '0'clock in night .

Surprisingly i woke up early at around 6'o' clock in morning (trust me guys ). Day start with a very very good omen i recieved an SMS from a dear friend of mine after a long time . Then I went for hiking with my brother . Then we went to ChittorGarh for seeing the famous fort of chittrorgarh .It was a great day . all of us had a good time .

My brother Vikrant had just bought a brand new Sony Cyber shot 3 Mega Pixel Digital camera so we use it fully to capture the moments . The professional photographer in me was awaken and i took some Real <--You judge yourself--> photographs .

So here is the photos we capture on that day a Photo Essay on Jan 01 2006. with running commentary from Prashant singh

This is me while going for hike in the morning . do you remember anything by looking at this snap . i was trying to pull a pose like the one Bill Gates had on the cove of his book "The Road Ahead "

My brother Vikrant on the way to an old Temple in a Cave up the Hill . T was trying to act like a Pro in Photgraphy . How good am i ?

Vikrant @ Cave Temple

Buddha in Denim

" Come Fall in Love"

Inside Chottorgarh Fort

this was how i spent my day . it was fun .long overdew fun . let me know if you like the snaps .

Cheers !!!

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