Sunday, January 15, 2006

Let’s Go Honeymoon…..!!.

Marriage Is A Public Admission of a Private Desire :G.B.Shaw

Aamir Khan finally got married to Kiran Rao and they went to Panchgani for honey moon.

Britney Spears got married to some Drummer (Lucky Bastard ) and went to some virgin island for  honeymoon .

One of My Friend who is going to get married in Feb 2006 has planned elaborately about his honeymoon  .down to the timetable  of activity which they will do each day .He showed  me his time table for honeymoon(surprisingly ! According to  their time table they have nothing interesting to do during Nights . They plan to sleep ( Go To Bed )at 10:00 PM  . I don't trust him on that )


Why people make such a big deal about their honeymoon ? Some time I feel that couples are actually looking forward to honeymoon and Marriage is just the passport for it . I have never seen People planning or participating in the preparation/Affair  of their marriage . I have never seen people planning their life or changing their habits to accommodate the new comer .

I know of an incident where one of my acquaintance doesn't had a separate wardrobe for his fiance  till the day she became his wife and came home to him . they were engaged to each other for six month and the rascal had made Train & Hotel reservations  03 months in advance (for honeymoon Of course ) .

As more and more people around me  are getting married  I am observing this tendency more and more . Why ? is  it just a random  observation or there is a law governing it .

As always Lets See ……..

I see my female friends (Not Girl Friends)  being so upbeat about their marriage . they prepare a little Too hard  for it . In the pursuit of  impressing their would be Hubby / In Laws they do all kind of  stupid things. Right from Knitting Sweater to Making hand made cards . From sending an hanky with " P "stitched on it with  silk To reading Economic Times just because the "would be" do it ( I doubt if both of them  understand one bit of it ) .

God Save those girls . I have nothing to offer them .

 While people are so enthusiastic toward there partner before and during honeymoon than why does  an alarming number of marriages are on "Rocks" & a lot of  folks are disillusioned by the whole system of marriage . To most of them its not Good or Bad . Its just that its Boring .

I think some of it is due to the way we handle the honeymoon period . We are excited about our partners because we have something new to discover their . something unexpected ,something refreshing  & something different from us and our surroundings .

I believe each of us has got something in them which is unexpected ,refreshing, different . Problem is that we have only so much of  it . one can learn only few interesting things .Specially when he is in a 9 –To-5 job .  Tell me when was the last time you learned a new skill which is not related to your carrier ? probably in college .

Now let's say you know 10 such things which can make you look like  hero/romantic /adorable puppy  /cute -idiot .Problem is that people  are a bit too eager to show all of them in the first 15 days of married life and they  want to spend rest of their life remembering those 15 days .That's what make it boring .

Have you ever noticed people remember the trip to Disneyland but don't remember each ride specifically but same people remember explicitly the  Gondola ride of Venice (In Italy) in details .why ? Because in Disneyland there is too much of it and in too little time .whether in gondola you go easy, at a more "life like" pace .

Honeymoon is also like a trip to Disneyland .

People tends to believe that a long honeymoon is must for overall stability of relationship and understanding of your partner . but I seriously feel the overall value add of honeymoon  in terms of marriage is almost zero or in some cases  negative .

Ask somebody who is married for 5+ years that when was the last time  you did some thing romantic for your wife ( excluding sex)  like singing a song ,writing a letter or even went to see her unannounced  at her office  and they will tell you " I made bed tea this morning " (Grrhhhhhhhh How Romantic!!)

Someone said that best way to keep your marriage fresh is to be a different person on each weekend . that is a bit too tough but we can be a different person on  every anniversary .So folks Take it easy while you are on honeymoon . you will need all that energy and enthusiasm for rest of your life .

PS: I haven't touched on an important aspect of honeymoon here as I know my Blog is being watched by some females also. But I guess I have very little to offer in that aspect .

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