Sunday, July 09, 2006

High & Low in the Same day : That's Life

Last week was very- very hectic for me . We are planing to launch the version one of our product at my day job . i am very eager to blog about it but i am bound to wait till we officially go live with our product . Trust me ...its a great Product . Experience of being involved in launch of version 1.0 of any product is very rare and i feel myself lucky to see it firsthand . A lot of Excitement ,Chaos ,enthusiasm ,fire fighting ,late night ,stress ,humour and hard work . i am literally living "The Soul Of New Machine" these days .

But amid all these excitement and adrenaline i came to know about a sad news . My friend and a budding Entrepreneur Rajan & his partner Rajat has decide to dissolve their venture Advetta Because of reasons like lack of funding and proper mentoring available in India .
I meet Rajat at BarCamp Bangalore and was frequent to his blog . they were working on a mobile visual search idea .

Every budding and inspiring Entrepreneur lives under the shadow of this fear .As an aspiring entrepreneur this news was shocking for me . they were smart guys with good credentials .This event enforced my believe that VC funding is more or less a random draw and you can't predict the fool proof Approach for it .

i had a word with Rajan in afternoon . Against my hope he was very cheerful and still excited . perhaps that's the spirit of Enterprise . you can be down but not out .

Good luck to you guy s . may force be with you for your future endeavours . i feel sorry for the way things turned out but at the same time you must have learned a lot and this knowledge will make a lot of difference in long time . Remember "You can't Connect the Dots looking Froward "

Reading this news helped me to put the situation in perspective . We are lucky to have funding and a highly skilled team of People here who have many years of product development exp behind them . i will try to learn more and more from there experience now onward . this may be the best training i can get . i feel lucky to have them here as mentor . This swing between two opposite extreme was a strange experience . but i will remember it for a long time to come .

Needs to Get Back to work now ..Product launch is in pipeline . watch this space for update .

Have a Great weekend !!!


rajAT said...

Thanks Prashant for the support.

It was a great learning experience.

Now one knows what it takes.

Will catch you up when I will be next in Delhi.


looking forward to see you

Ashish said...

Hey, how did it go - I mean the product launch? Sounds interesting - will love to know more about it.

I didn't know about Advetta dissolving - I am definitely sad - let me check Rajan's blog.