Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mobile Monday Comes To Delhi

After a long wait since BarCamp . Delhi is going to have its next geek carnival soon.This time its Mobile Monday .

Mobile Monday is a monthly gathering of mobile enthusiasts from every section of mobile Eco system like Telco,Content aggregate ,VAS Provider,Application developer etc.We have started the Delhi chapter of Mobile Monday and On Aug 05 2006 we are having our first meeting . Everyone who is interested in Mobile Technologies can participate in it . We encourage you to be a part of this Event and share your thoughts with fellow mobile geeks .

Details of Event is given Below

Mobile Monday Delhi : "Mobile 2.0: Future Trends and Technology"


05 August 2006 ( Mark your calender ,it's on weekend)


Adobe Systems India Private Limited
Adobe Towers
I-1A, City Centre, Sector : 25A
Noida - 201301
Tel # 91-120-2444711

Want to participate ?? Register yourself at our wiki !!

To keep you updated on latest developments Pre and Post event Please join our mailing list .

Don't miss it !! Its going to be a day of Great fun and learning . looking forward to see you guys there .


Anonymous said...

Mobile Monday on Saturday?


ya its funny and strange but it was vey much needed to be that way as its kinda hard for participants to come to the meeting on a weekday .

so we took permission from MoMo Finland folks to organize the event on Weekend .

looking forward to your participation

Milind said...

How exactly am I suppose to register for the event? By loging in the wiki and editing the page to include my name?

Anonymous said...

Hi Milind

you are right you need to add your name to the participant list in wiki . click on the "Edit Page " button on the wiki and login to edit wiki . passwd is "motimahal"

drop me an email at pacificleo-at-gmail-dot-com if you face any difficulty

Anonymous said...

It’s sad that u didn't update the blog despite the fact that you are doing some good work for MOMO.
Poor guy......

Prashant said...

Ya I am missing that too !!! But with so many roles to manage and juggell i think blogging can takea back seat for a while .

Look forward to see you at MoMO event . Do stop by and tell me it was you :-)

Anonymous said...

I doubt that and if it is so then there would be no scoble...... be true to your self

Prashant said...

Oh well .... Scobel was being paid by
MS (NASDAQ :M$FT) for blogging 24X7 . I am not .

I am True to myself in most of the time and right now i am Curious to know who are you ??
Have we gone to luch in recent past ? :-)

Anonymous said...

It seems that I am on wrong person blog……… my mistake. Goodbye

Pankaj Parihar said...

I agree...... he should update his blog as its source of info about MOMO Delhi chapter.

kakul said...

u r from which batch of ECK

pankaj parihar said...

Well it's a bit of surprise for me that MOMO is over and I didn't see anything from you...

Anonymous said...

hi..could use some more of ur apparent gyaan on mobile a couple of ur comments on mobile pundit and need to get further acquainted with this sector!


You are most welcome . drop me an email at