Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Creative Advertisement

I am a big fan of Creative Advertising . A well conceived and designed Ad is best way to Attract audience and ensure a recall . Like every good thing in life a Good Advertisement is never in abundance . its scarcity make it value able .

I am attracted toward this medium Since my college days ,I always made it a point to participate in Ad mad Event when we used to go to Antaragini (Cult Fest of IIT Kanur ) .but lately there is a decline in the Quality of advertisement . with the rise of text link based advertisement on web there is very little room for creativity left in ads here

that is why it is always a refreshing to see a Good Creative Ad . when Jason of 37signals recently posted some real good work in creative ads it was treat for me

i am reproducing it here,for you to see !!

Some Great Inovation in something very basic as Shopping bags

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vibhor said...

hello prashant,
amamzing creativity..

rohan said...

good one...