Thursday, October 19, 2006

Improbable Collapse : Truth About 9/11 Media Cover UP


"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality."

- Alighieri Dante

I am not a Political person . I for the most of the Time have nothing usefull to say about policitical event around me . I see politicians as a neccesary evil and i am happy to pay the ransom if they leave me in peace .

But Once in a while I [and i guess you too ] feel like revolting and destroying everything around you . and chage the system for good .

I was reading Tara's blog . in a post she amde today she linked to a Video on google .Its Called Improbable Collapse .It's about the Event of 9/11 .Improbable Collapse is the first film to thoroughly review the evidence for WTC demolitions from a scientific perspective. and conclusion ??

9/11 was an insider's Job .

Each one of us was effected by that tragedy . even though i have never been to US but still i can understand the agony of Families who lost their Loved One in 9/11 . All along we cursed laden and Taliban for this henious Act . But what if he was not alone in this ? what if there was an Hidden hand behined this act . What if we were feeded with this propoganda so that Bush can justify his own agenda of Attacking other countries to control Oil Fields .

Improbable Collapse
examines the increasingly widespread notion that the World Trade Center buildings were brought down using explosives. Force of collision and Heat of Jet fuel Fire was not enough to melt the high quality steel used in the construction of WTC . Even if that was enough it can not expalin the way the whole building was collapsed with in its foot print .Using highly scintific method scientist have shown that Pan Cake Theory , spreade by Bush and Gang is just a house of card .

I was infuriated to see the video . i was rivetd to my desk for an hour . how can they do it to their own people ? a Cover up of that magnitude ? thousands of people lost their loved one in this tragedy and Bush Government used this Tragedy to to jsutify its dracounian measures like
Pattriot Act ,War on Terror and Pre emptive Strike on IRAQ .

I want you to watch this video . so what if its an hour long video , so what if you have got work to do , code to write , E-mails to write , Shopping to do . As a citizen of free world who loves to remain free its our duty to stop this madness and make sure when its time to decide we decide in full knowledge .

For once i have a opinion , for once i want an explanation ,For once i am not neutral

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Beji said...

Your blog prompted me to watch this video. Rather than the cloud I would love to see the silver lining. Its incredible that anyone and everyone can have an opinion on this collapse which went into history .... as improbable or cover up. I firmly beleive a country is as awakened as its people are.....if this video is in front of us...America still has liberty....Its a pity that Bush invested in Iraq war....he would have gone down far better in history had he invested in alternative fuel!! thanks ....but for you I am not sure whether I would have come across this!!