Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The 100 Post Milestone

I just noticed that post count on this blog  is hovering on 99. I didn't realized that I was so close to hitting a century . So here I go on to score the single . this blog is now 100 post Strong. 

One more thing, Last month "Knowprashant" celebrated its 4th Birthday. What started in a small cyber cafe of Bangalore has now become something like a part of my identity. Many a time in conferences people  say  "Hey !  You are "pacificleo" ? I read that post on your blog and it was good." . Needless to say that I feel good when that happen :) .

I would like to thank all  my readers .I  get to know a lot of interesting ppl through this blog . Thank you very much for your support,appreciation, feedback and emails . I wish I could publish the funny , weird and insightful email message I  receive from readers who ,for some strange reason are shy to leave them in comment . 

Today I would like to respond to one more  long overdue request of my friends .Many of them when they come to know that I do blogging ask me to send them a list of "My Fave posts and good post by other bloggers  ." Thanks to my laziness I never did that .So here goes.

My Fave Posts on "knowprashant" (not in any particular order ) 

First Love's Labour Lost  

Lost in Transition  

Buddha Meets Spider man 

Teacher and Parents  

Patterns and Observations 

Please Don't Try to Understand 

Lalita Jee's Son 

Musing at 1:44 PM 

 As some of you know that I am a contributing author On too . I had a good conversation over one of my post about "why its difficult to have Companies like Facebook/google from India " . you can read it here  . Ok !! Enough of Self promotion . Here are some of the blogs I love reading and my fave among their writings.

Raganwald Braithwaite is my fave blogger,In fact his essay What I learned from Failure inspired me  to start blogging . some of his other exceptional article include  Haggling About Price [must read],  off Topic , Brief History of Dangerous Ideas .  

 I have lost count of how many time I have read How to be Creative byHugh Macleod . Its worth (Re) Reading . Mark Cuban's Blog blogmaverick  is worth subscribing to .My fave amongst his article are  Success and Motivation , Dancing With the Stars , What you are destined to be

 Amongst Indian  bloggers I like Jai Arjun's Blog Jabberwock  .If you are (like me ) a Meg Ryan fan then do read his funny article You'Ve got Mush . you can always trust Jai for best review of Bollywood flicks. Some other good blogs which I discovered are  Chit Chatni , My World My Space ,Joelonsoftware , Raw Thoughts , Smartmobs .  

 Article in American Scholar are usually nice .my personal fave is Disadvantages of Elite education . If you ever face the  discriminated by somebody from IIT -IIM  you will surely relate to this article [must read] .

 No list of my fave blogs  can complete without mentioning Inktales . Blog of My friend Sunandini Basu . I visit her blog whenever i need to laugh.She don't write, she draw sketches based on the events of her day to day life . Very very innovative. All her post are  funny like hell . Mumbai Chronicle is my fave . I had the honor of being featured in one of her drawing . you can see that post here . 

 I haven't covered the tech biz and friends blog here other wise list would have gone far too long  but I would like to mention that I start my day with reading News at Techmeme, Medianama and BoomTown .

That's it for the day Guys. I look forward to your continuous support ,feedback and patronage .

Happy Blogging !! 

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Anonymous said...

oooh this is the best christmas gift i have got till now :)
tack så mycket!!! (thanks so much in swedish)

Arunima said...


Prashant I did nt know that u r such a qualified person. U r a professional writer this means.

Good work.

N vat is this "mobile monday" wud like 2 knw more abt it.

P.S Thanks that u put my blog name in ur post...I am gratified.


@Inktales : Thanks Soo . It was long overdue i guess . Keep up the good work .



Thanks . I am No Pro Writer or something . its just that i started this thing 4 year back .you seems to have bigger fan following in just 7 months . I like content on your blog.Its fresh and not remixed like most of the blogs.

MoMo is a community of mobile enthusiast . you can get more detail about delhi chapter of MoMo at & detail of our previous meting at
I will send you an invite for next meeting.

Jogi said...

Good to know that you crossed 100 post mark. Congratulations !

thanks for posting the links to your fave work . I read Lost in transtion and First love . Both were supereb . strange that I didn't saw them before.I used to think of myself as regular guy here .

looking forward to more of such stuff in future .Merry X mas .



Thanks You sir. I am glad that you liked those posts . Did you noticed that both of those articles have word "Lost" in their title . No wonder you missed them :D .

Anonymous said...

hey dude
congratualtion ! Nice Compilation of links in this post. Haggling about Price is really insightful. Keep sharing good stuff more often.


@anonymus : Thanks . I will try to post more often .

PS: I am curious why don't you choose any name .even a virtual one . I mean think of it "Thanking to anonymous" its weird. suffering from Identity crisis ?? :)

Rohan said...

Century .WOHA ....Now thats a NEWS ....Congratus . I will try to read the stuff you recomended.
wishing you a Happy New Year.


@Rohan: Thanks Buddy. Wishing you Happy New year too.

Reginald Braithwaite said...

Congratulations on your "century" (and thank you for the nice words). Best wishes...

Prashant Singh said...

Thanks Reg . it was a delight reading your blog.