Monday, December 22, 2008

The Book

In my last but one post I complied to a long standing request of some of my readers 
Reading that post one of my college time buddy got upset .Honestly speaking he had good
reason to be angry , for last two years or so He was requesting me to email him the transcript of
a poem which I wrote for him while we were in college . Yes !! Back than I used to be something 
of a poet While some of my work was sort of "Okie Dokie". But most of it was CRAP .

However this Poem was "special" for my friend because I had written it for a Valentine Day card 
which He planned to give to a girl who was [At the time of writng ] Love of his life.As expected,
He got Rejected ( poor bastard) .She tore the card apart and threw it on his face without even 
reading my poem once (Bitch !! ) .

I had Fun watching the whole drama from a [safe] distance . As far as I know me & my friend were 
only two peeople in world who read that poem. Year and Half back my freind got married.On My
very first telephonic conversation with his wife, I told her the whole incedent (Thats what freinds 
are for, right ?) .Bhabhi was ROTFL listening to the story , and requested for the poem. Now there
were two people requesting the same thing .

But Somehow I never responded to their request. I was Lazy and I was afraid to look back .
But after getting their IM yesterday I decieded to finaly do it. So here is the poem "The Book ".
Fitting title I guess ,as He used to see that girl only at our college Library . Enjoy !

The Book

All Alone All by Myself  ,I am a book on her shelf 
Waiting for the day when She will come to me .

What my contents are she would like to see

This Distance is too long , From this shelf to that table 
And My Plight is that She hates My label 

Days Passed in this Way , and Thus past years 
But my silent Prayers She doesen't seems to Hear 

My Pages turned in to Yellow , and I am covered in Dust,
But Still in My life , She is a MUST

Come oh My Angel, I am waiting for you since Ages
Jsut Come for Once and Scroll My pages


Anonymous said...

Nice Poem and Very Funny write up! I am curious what happened to the girl after that.


@Anonymous : Don't know for sure . probably She married the librarian. I can find out if you are keen.

Ur Friend from Hostel #4 said...

Cute Poem,Prashant

So you had FUN When your friend was facing rejection.
Meanie!! ( Wish i could see that ) LOL!!

Does it happen in 2nd year .i think i can guess who the guy was. your Poems used to be very good. Why don't you post the one you used to recite in Annual function.

Good to know that you haven't changed much . stay the same forever.


@Friend from Hostel 4
Thanks :)

"Good to know that you haven't changed much . stay the same forever."

you want me to remain Single,Lonely and underpaid all my life and call yourself my friend.

what they say ?? With Friends Like You .... :D

M said...

very nice poem boss... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Prshant,
Good to see your posts backs. I remember you have taken a break for sometime. I am back to Latam, in Argenitna now and will be travelling here only for some more time,I wish I would have learnt the art of blogging by now..
Hopeful to meet you and get more inspiration..

- Sunil Soni
ECK Q Comp


@ M
thanks Pragya . I am glad that you liked it .


@Sunil: Thanks Man!! would love to meet you for dinner when you are here . and there is no secret sauce for Blogging . just write as if no one will ever read it . :)

Shesha Chaturvedi said...

hahahahahaha... If she wud have read it, i am pretty sure she wud have kept the card atleast for the poem... LOL!!! still in doubt for your friend.... :P :P

Hemant said...

The poem still holds its charm dude....