Friday, February 13, 2009

My Tech Musing(s)

Lately there has been too much of mushy stuff on my blog  . Not that there is any thing wrong in those posts .its  just that I was getting tired of it myself. so when Shivnanda commented on my previous post asking for technology stuff that was the final motivation I needed . 

However eventhough i have few thoughts on what to write but right now I don't have bandwidth for constructing a full fledged article out of it . Due to some recent development I am and will be  a little hard pressed for time . Anyways  but to keep my promise I am reproducing two articles I wrote sometime back for 'i.t' Magazine , a publication of EFY Group. 

First one is on My fave topic in mobile,Mobile Location Based Services (LBS) . I have read so much on LBS that Its best that don't get started  :) .  You can read it in scribd  embed below 

Second one is on the nascent but paradigm shaking concept called " Mobile App Store" . It was originally introdued by Apple as an application distribution front end for its iPhone device. Thanks to the hype around iphone, iTuneApp store" never got the attention it deserved . In this article I have argued how, in the long run App store can be a more strategic advantage than iPhone it self . you can read it in scribd  embed below .

App Store Revolution height="500" width="100%"> value="">            
   Publish at Scribd or explore others:                revolution              Che      

   Very soon I will write more on tech for the audience of "knowprashant". In the meantime  do let me know what you think of them . I look for ward to your feedback :) 


Rohan said...

Nice thoughts . I like app store article more . I never thought of app store like that inspite of being a iphone fanboy. LBS is not my domain so i won't comment .
Good work . thanks for sharing .

Prashant Singh said...

Thanks Rohan ,

Arunima said...

And the baccha n baby thing ...ys its kind of weird bt u vil often find couples(specially new ones) addressing each other like dat.

hey bt vat i wanna know is how cum u got 2 c such an interesting incident.
i mean i go there almost every weekend bt v nvr get2 c such funny things.
i alwaz take the balcony seat n mostly my neighbors r those spoilt girlz n guyz species smoking their lungs out.

Prashant Singh said...

:) Looks like you posted comment on a wrong post . I understand you are discussing
my previous post here . ya there is a certain uncanny-ness in the events of that day . but i am sure you must have had your share of such indecent .right ?